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Our Daddy's

Gorgeous Gents

Meet Link!

Link is a handsome AKC Red Standard Poodle from TLC By The Lakes in Maryland. He has the most perfect coat you could imagine. Link lives with his human family and enjoys playing with his three human brothers and sister. Link absolutely loves playing ball! Eager to learn and driven to please are qualities that helped Link pass his TDI Therapy Dog Certification Exam. Link has been genetically tested through Paw Prints Genetics.


Meet Nacho!

Meet the handsome red and white parti micro miniature goldendoodle stud, Ignacio "Nacho" Libre.  Nacho weighs 18 lbs and is an multi-generational goldendoodle. Nacho has been genetically tested and is clear of any disease common to Goldendoodles. He also carries both copies of the FF furnishings gene - which means he will always produce puppies with an adorable and fluffy teddy bear face. Genetically, he carries both copies of the D locus, which means he is negative for the dilution gene. He carries genes for parti coat, red/chocolate coat and even tri-color coat! We cannot wait to see what gorgeous, vibrant and unique abstract, tuxedo, parti and red puppies Nacho will sire. He is very intelligent, loving and has the sweetest temperament.



He is a 21 pound mini Parti AKC Poodle. He has the most perfect markings you could imagine, fleecy curls, four white socks, white chest and white tipped tail, with the biggest brown eyes that melt your heart when you look in them. He has been cleared of any genetic disease common to poodles.  He has had his hips x-rayed and examined by Pennhip.  He has a clear Cardiology and Thyroid exam.  

He is the most perfect loving cuddle bug! 

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