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Guardian Home

What is a guardian home?


We are breeders engaged in breeding healthy well-balanced pets; our dogs are considered beloved members of our family. We created a Guardian-Home Program to grow our breeding program while still providing each of our breeding dogs with a loving environment in a guardian family. By joining our Program, you desire to and act as a guardian for a dog that is either a female potential breeder or a male potential breeder. Your intent is to love and care for this pet during and after the reproductive life of this animal.

A guardian home candidate gets the 'cream of the crop' which is the pup with the best coat, temperament, head shape, intelligence and trainability for a discounted price or Free. I begin the screening process early - before they even leave here. The Dog is “pick of the litter” with an estimated value of $5,000.  

The female will be a potential breeder with an estimated 3-4 litters. We pay regular vet bills and reproduction costs. She lives with you as a pet and we would have her when she has pups. Must have open communication with me. After she is done breeding she is all yours. 


In order to be considered for the Guardian-Home Program, we require that you: 1. Live within (50) miles of Michelle 2. Own your own home. 3. Have physical fencing or provide a safe and secure environment for the dog. 4. Have reliable transportation and willingness to bring the dog to us when needed throughout the year for breeding purposes (i.e. testing, breeding, litters, professional photos etc.) 5. Maintain open lines of communication with Michelle concerning any and all matters related to the dog.

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