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The Process

 We do not have many litters per year so this means that all of our babies are in high demand.  We start a "waiting-list" a few months before the breeding occurs. This allows serious puppy parents to place a deposit on the wait-list.  The wait-list fee is a REFUNDABLE $50.00.  

After the breeding occurs we will notify all the wait-list clients and let them know that the exciting process has officially began!  We will do an ultrasound around day 20-22 to confirm pregnancy.  At day 55 we will do an x-ray and get a fairly accurate count of the babies.   Birth happens soon after the x-ray! Shortly after the arrival we will ask that you place your non-refundable deposit.  The deposit is a $400.00 unless you already made a wait-list deposit then your deposit is $350.00. 

We will do weekly photos and videos of each puppy.  At week 6 we will allow picks to be chosen.  This gives each baby time to show some personality and give the coat time to come in a little.  Picks will go in order of which the deposit is placed!  After you pick your baby we will continue weekly updates until time for your baby to go home.

Before you get your baby he/she will have been raised with puppy culture protocol, Early Neurological stimulation, crate training, dewormed at  4, 6, and 8 weeks.  It will have been vet checked and cleared and have had 1st round of puppy shots. 


At the time of pick-up the total amount of the puppy will be due.  Each puppy is $3200.00  However, deposit amounts will be subtracted from this total! 

Email or Text message me at or 585-509-4474 for questions or to be on our waiting list.

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